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Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap (Athens)

Apologies in advance for the cross-post:
Heading into the lean time of the season, and thinking I’d like to keep the electricity on. Looking for various and sundry opportunities to make a couple bucks on the side while I’m waiting for the next ship to come in.
Some things I have done or could do in furtherance of this goal:
Voice recordings (Experienced reader, clean takes, adult male neutral USA accent)
Conversational English for confidence esp. with emphasis on pronunciation
Tutoring for new speakers of Greek, esp. those who speak already and want help with the writing system
Small-scale translations from Greek into English
Packing/moving house
Minor “mastorevmata” including changing lightbulbs and assembling your flat-pack furniture which you could do yourself except it takes your attention away from more important and perhaps more lucrative activities
Temporary help/”vacation” replacement for your bar or restaurant
Load in/load out help for your theatrical or musical act (you never know)
Office assistant
Other ideas I haven’t thought of yet
Times logikes.

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