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Seeking IT job in Baku - CIO, system administrator


I am looking for an interesting job, additional sources of revenue and new points for further professional improvement as well.

I am a responsible, ambitious specialist with high level of stress resistance and interpersonal skills, analytical skills, ability to work both as a part of team and by myself; ability to find a constructive solution in a short time.

- IT infrastructure development from scratch.
- Interaction with companies, integrators and vendors as to implementation of services and introduction of new technologies.
- Development of the regulations for the use of IT resources of the company, duty regulations, rules of interaction of IT department with other departments.
- Development of design and technical, operational documentation for software and hardware systems of the company.
- Legalization of software, choosing the best variant for purchases, maintenaning of the contracts for the supply. awarded contract for software licensing with Microsoft, Autodesk, Kaspersky Lab, and other large software developers.
- Formulation and control of the IT-budget.
- Performance control, optimization and planning of further development of IT infrastructure.
- Development of information security policies.
- Performing the duty as a Chief Security Officer.
- Implementation and maintaining of the office mini telephone exchange.
- Implementation of a centralized anti-virus protection.
- Implementation of virtualization systems of company services
- Launching of the service system of user requests (customer service).
- Developing and monitoring of performance indicators (KPI) for IT projects and IT staff.
- Implementation of corporate project management system and project documentation based on MS Project Server + MS SharePoint.
- Start-up, maintenance, and monitoring of the physical security of the company - security alarm, video monitoring, administrative methods to control security, rapid response to off-nominal situations.
- Start-up and support of the data center infrastructure and systems of back supply, the administering of server complex of the company.
- Established contacts with many companies and professionals in the city
- Performing the presentations, technical reports and lectures.
- Everlasting self-learning and the analyzing of the information market.
- maintaining, installation and commissioning of local network, administering of servers running Windows Protected content Protected content 2008, RedHAt Linux: installation, configuration and maintaining of software products MS DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Seven, MS Office, project, office and accounting software .
- Programming experience in scripting languages.
- Configuration of active network equipment (CISCO,Zyxel,HP,DLINK)
- Maintaining of the peripheral and computer equipment - cost planning and consumables purchasing, minor repairs, troubleshooting, cartridges refilling.
- Setting and administering of Internet access, DNS-, proxy -, email-, http- and ftp-server, setting-up of IP filtering systems, junk e-mail filtering, organizing of the remote work based on the Windows terminal servers.
- Routine maintenance of AutoCAD/REVIT ver. Protected content

Higher education

Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law.
Management and business administration

National metallurgical academy of Ukraine ,
Information and Controlling Systems and Technologies, Dnepropetrovsk.

Specialized Secondary Education
Dnepropetrovsk College of Automatics and Telemechanics,
Information systems, complexes, and networks.

Additional Education
Protected content courses - M2277, M2279, M Protected content , M Protected content , M6425
Protected content Autodesk Autocad Protected content 1
Protected content Negative Consequences of Unlicensed Software Using
Self-learning – MBA
Protected content CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

Protected content

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