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Jobs In Bali....for Expats?

Dear 'wanna be Bali dwellers".... In this forum there are many people looking to come to Bali to realize their dream to live in a paradise. As Bali Internations Ambassador i also get many personal messages from individuals asking the best way to get to live in Bali and what jobs are available...

The answer is this:

It is very difficult to find any work as expats (foreigners) in Bali. Jobs are scarce and there is an obligation for companies to employ local Indonesians where possible.

However for those who have a STRONG BURNING Desire .. i repeat for those willing to do whatever it takes - A BURNING desire to live and work in Bali there is hope and there is always a way..... I urge that you ONLY attempt to be here LEGALLY.. never try to be here by illegal means.

ANYTHING is possible.. but i again urge everyone NOT to try to manipulate the law and take short cuts. There are many foreigners staying here illegally and the authorities are slowly weeding them out... so take care when using the so called Visa agents etc. Yes there are legit ways to live and work here but not all the visa agencies are honest. be aware of that and get advice from those who have been through the system...

One way to become a Bali dweller is to apply for a 2 month visa then when here, network like crazy .. talk to as many business men and women as possible...

Get to know a vital NEED in Bali that is NOT being MET. Something that will help the community. Then find partners or raise your own capitol and with local partners here start a venture to help fill that need...
When you are passionate about something.. anything is possible ... as long as everyone is gaining.

I hope this helps to PUT OFF those that want an easy 'no effort' life... because it makes it easier for those having a burning desire and willing to help others.. to live here honestly while benefiting the local community.

BBB- Bless&BeBlessed
PS: Many people ask me how to raise capitol... i am not a financial expert but i do know people that have given themselves 12 months to 2 years to raise capitol allowing them to live almost anywhere..using this :
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