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Looking for a job in Marketing in Bali

Hi guys,

I am living in Indonesia for 9 months already, mostly based on Java, but traveling around. I've only moved to Bali 1 month ago and I fell in love with the island and the people here and the lifestyle...

So I am now seriously thinking about living here for a longer time, which means having a job too. :)

I am an experienced marketing professional with background in marketing research, brand management, online marketing and project management.

If you happen to know about a position available in marketing (but maybe also other activity field like teaching for instance) it would help me a lot to know about it. Also, any advice on the expat jobs in Bali topic is great!

Please see below my Linkedin profile.
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Upon request, I can send you my CV too.

Warm regards to you Bali expats and hope to have the chance to meet at least some of you!

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