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PIO to OCI conversion facts (Bangalore)

UPDATE: Read through the thread for procedures and deadlines..

For those of you currently staying in India on a PIO visa, please be aware that the same has to be converted into the Overseas Citizen of India scheme.

The latest extended deadline is set to 30/6 - after this date the immigration has been instructed to not accept PIO as a valid visa. Also after this date, you will have to apply for a new OCI card, with all the trouble and cost doing so. (Now it's free)

To apply for the OCI in lieu of PIO you need to find the online application page (just search google for PIO to OCI or Protected content ). It's ok explained what to do. Fill in a form and attach some documents, picture and a signature. The application is saved even if not fully completed.

Be aware that you need to take a photo of your signature and your own image and upload. This upload need to be in a very low quality, so use any online image compressor. Be aware that the uploaded picture is the same as the one you need to attach in hard copy.

You also need to upload different documents, your passport, your PIO card (2 pages in same PDFs file), any address prof, your spouse passport (front and back). (Also even it say not to add some of them)
Google drive let you upload from camera to PDF if you don't have a scanner around

All documents is also needed in hard copy, self attested (your spouse passport copy need to be attested by its owner). The picture need to be in 50mm x 50 mm! When the form is filled in the print out will have a reference number printet on the side. Be sure this one is there. Sign it.

Take two copies of the full filled in application with all attested documents. Add a hard copy photo on each set.

Now go to FRRO in NGO Colony (5th floor of the building next to the bus stations). Best to be there 9.30 when they open. Application need to be handed in before lunch. There is no appointment system any longer. You will get a token at the reception counter, however as PIO//OCI has their own counter, the token number is called by the guys sitting there, and is not part of the automatic speaker system.
Hand over your application and listen to be sure you fully understand if you need to do something different. You will be asked to wait while they check your online upload with the hard copy, and if approved you will a recipe. Be sure it has a 4 digit number written on it.
They ask for your mobile number and will contact you when ready for pick up. An acknowledgement is also sent to your email. You can now also check status online.

At pick up you need to be present with your passport. You will keep your PIO card while processing.

It's the typical Indian challenge, but after all not so bad. Good luck

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