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Canadian looking for work -NGOs / IGOs (Bogotá)

Hi everyone!!

I arrived in Bogota almost 2 weeks ago, and attended the wonderful Internations social event, Thursday, August 30th. I have already met alot of amazingly helpful and lovely people from all over the world, and it just keeps getting better!!

I came to Colombia to look for work. I have just completed a Masters degree in International Relations and really want to get into the NGO / IGO sector. I know it is tough to try and make yourself marketable in a foreign country, but any bits of information / assistance that you can provide would be most appreciated.

I have done a lot of research and have gone in person to a few high profile NGOs here in Bogota. If anyone has contacts or can suggest a great org to check out, I would be most grateful!

Thanks for reading and I hope to meet more beautiful Internations people soon!!


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