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Looking for University/Bilingual Colegio Positions (Bogotá)

Hello all,

I've been working in Bogotá for the past 11 months as a volunteer English teacher, but my contract ends in November, and as such I've begun the search for a new job. Ideally, I would like to find a position at a university or bilingual colegio beginning in January/February of next year.

I’m a community college and university professor with 5 years of experience teaching classes on intercultural communication, public speaking, history and media studies. I have a B.A. in English and three M.A. degrees, in Communication Studies, Middle East Studies and Mass Communication, respectively. Next month I expect to receive my TEFL teaching certification. I’m a native speaker of English with an upper intermediate/advanced (B2) level of Spanish and an intermediate level of Hebrew.

Although I would prefer to teach content classes in my area of expertise (broadly, social sciences), I would be open to teaching ESL as well.

Any leads/tips/advice would be greatly appreciated!



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