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Moving to Bogota> Safety, cost, school, housing (Bogotá)

Hi everyone,
I really appreciated the help that someone could give me or tips about it!
Thanks in advance

We are a family of 5 and it may be possible to move to Bogota.
I am a little worry about it ...2 of my kids are teens which means more precaution...
we have been living in Milan for 7years and I have no worries when they are alone in the town Center and coming back home by themselves, could this change?
I have been looking for housing and I have seen the price is like in Europe...7millons of pesos for and apartment...
about the school...there is a good British school, because I read that there is one that is not good... MOntessori? and what about prices?
how is transportation ? and which one could be a budget for a family of 5 to live ?
or which one could be a good salary to cover a family of 5 ?

thank you very much

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