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Opportunity with the Ministry of Education (Bogotá)

Hola guys. I am linked now with a volunteering program for native speakers of English that might interest any of you or your friends. You can subscribe through me. It is basically a program to teach English for 1 year or 6 months in a community in any region in the country through the Ministry of Education. They pay COP$1'500.000 per month but i think the location is not up to you, but the Ministry (usually a marginalized community, where 1'500 is a good wage). The candidate has to pay around Protected content to enroll in the program (deposit to be returned at the end), plus some insurances. Candidates also have to pay for their tickets to Bogotá, but you guys are already here. So, for candidates who want to start in January the subscription deadline is THIS WEDNESDAY (have to pay USD$400). But for June next year, there is time. So if any of you are planning on extreme changes or just a chance to let life surprise you right now, this is the right opportunity. Maybe you'll end up having the experience of your life in a place that you never thought of. LET ME KNOW.

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