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Tax Deductible Donations to NGOs (Bucharest)


Dear Members,

The time of year has come when you, as all Companies, will be doing your end of year accounts. What does this mean? Well it means the time is right to carry out your good deed before Christmas!

Your company can give part of your tax payment to help and it will not cost you anything!
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Extract from the Fiscal Code law
Chapter 3

(4) All taxpayers who make sponsorships and/or charity acts, according to the law on sponsorship and to the law on libraries, get those amounts deducted from their tax-on-profit, if they meet the following terms:

a) The amount is not more than 3‰ of their turnover;

b) The amount is not more than 20% of their tax-on-profit.

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As Campaign Manager for Hope and Homes for Children, I know that this makes a big difference to the projects we are able to take on in Protected content . If you would like me to send you more information about our work with children in romania and how you can help now, please just contact me.


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