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Job Roles, Advice on stratgey, Help! (Calgary)

Hi Guys,

I trust this post finds you well, new member here.

I am looking to move out to Calgary with my family in Protected content , we know Calgary well and have a number of friends in Calgary at the moment so settling in should be smooth.

Obviously, I need to find a job as quickly as possible and ideally before we get accepted into Canada (this would also assist us with our application). I have seen a number of roles I can apply for and have done so, however, my concern is the fact I am not in Calgary at the moment so will not be considered despite my vast experience and skill set.

I am open to moving into an alternative sector as with a new life in Calgary brings new opportunities and keenness to develop my career.

Can ask if you to share any positive routes you have taken in the past in securing a role before arriving in Canada, or advice on the best course of action.

If I do not have a job offer before August my plan is to come out on Vacation and spend the 2 weeks I will be there meeting recruiters and business to secure a role.

I thank you for taking the time to read this post and appreciate any advice you can offer.


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