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Conflict with employer - need your advice! (Casablanca)

Salaam dear IN members! I would like to ask your advice in the following matter.
4 months ago I started a job in a big international travel agency in Casablanca. My employer hired me with 3 months trial period without any contract and promised to sign the official Anapec approved contract with me after the end of the trial and to pay all the charges (price of announcement in the newspaper).
After 3 months she indeed started the procedure but made a new condition to me that I have to sign an obligation to pay her back the cost of announcement ( Protected content ) in case if I quit within 1 year. At the same time she gave me less salary than was discussed and refused to compensate me work on weekends. She also told me that if by my fault company looses some money it will be deducted from my salary (other employees confirmed that it already happened to them).
When I refused to accept her conditions she told me to get out of the office immediately and paid me less salary than she was supposed to. Now I'm looking for justice and opportunity to get my money from her.
The question is: can I complain to Inspection de Travail if I was working without a contract during 4 months and wouldn't it cause some negative consequences for myself (like being expelled from the country for illegal work)? Does anybody have a similar experience with Moroccan employers (seems like almost everybody suffered from it!) and how did you deal with it?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

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