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inheritance up for claim (Chicago)


Please do read the my message carefully and get back to me. I am MR Choudhury Rodriquez currently deployed in Afghanistan on a Peacekeeping mission and friends of Dr. Ayesha Gaddafi fifth child and only daughter of his father former Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi and her mother his second wife Sofia Farkash. She is presently on Asylum at Gulf state of Oman outside Libya after the death of her child, nephew and death of her father. I contacted you with regards to an amount of 3.5 million EUR which her late father deposited in First Caribbean International Bank (CIBC) for safe keeping before his death in her name and she seek a trusted person whom can receive this amount for her. Do know she want to used this money to start a new life and also to invest in her kids future because she is suffering since the death of her father. she is not permitted to freely travel or make any sort of Money Transfer since she was placed under a travel ban on 26 February Protected content . I contact you in regards of her and i currently want this to be done with strict confidentiality and trust. If you can help her facilitate this, she is willing to give you 25% of the money. The Bank in British Virgin Island has since given her a date for she to enlist someone so the money can be transferred to him or her or she will end up losing the money to the British Virgin Island Government. It was this situation that makes me post this for assistance in regards to her as time is running fast. All I need is your trust. She have spoken with the Bank Manager and I want you to help her transfer the money through Bank to Bank Money Transfer into your designated account as this process is very safe and secured and is the fastest means to receive such amount of money. I was informed the 3.5 Million will be registered in your name for successful Transfer. thank you.

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