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Troubles in finding a job (Chicago)

Hi everybody,
I have recently found this great website and am writing to you to find out whether some of you have experienced problems similar to mine in the job haunting phase. I moved to Chicago few months ago and recently got my work permit and started to look for a job. I lived in London over the last 7 years working in the event industry and thought it should have not been too difficult to find a job as event coordinator here in Chicago considering my previous experience in the UK, however despite I have applied for many positions - some of which I was over qualified for - I have received many rejections (in majority of the cases employers didn't even get back to me) and almost zero invites to interviews. Did you experience similar issues when you looked for a job? Do you think that being an expat could represent a problem in finding a job?
Thanks for your time and any responses I will receive.

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