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Moving to Chicago from Europe, need friends!


Hello, Chicago,
I will be moving to Chicago in the next few months and would love to make new friends, bond with locals and other expats before I arrive and I would be grateful to hear from any members of The Chicago Arts Club. I hope to gain close friendships to go to nice places to socialise, shopping, a cup of tea or a cocktail, girly evenings out, I am an arts professional and like the outdoors and would be keen to the explore the beaches of Lake Michigan outside of Chicago as well.

My pet cat is my baby :) did you fly across the Atlantic with your pet? Any advice how to make the transition easier would be amazing!

Additionally if you are also going through the immigration process as a spouse of a U.S citizen I would be really happy to hear what your experience was like before and after you arrived to Chicago.

I am Swedish but currently live in London, UK and am really happy to meet up with anyone who might be visiting from Chicago in the next few months as well!

XO Anne

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