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Assisting Expats from around the world (Dallas)


My name is Christina Stoll-Shewmaker and I originally moved from Germany to the Dallas area 6 years ago.

I am a Destination Service Consultant for the Dallas area and assist Expats from around the world with their relocation needs when they move to Dallas:

My Services include:
Presentation of an International Welcome Package
This welcome package will be presented to the Expat during our first meeting and is designed to help when relocating to the Dallas area. It includes local maps, detailed information of the community , schools , shopping, insurance, medical facilities, recreation, car purchase information, rental furniture, banking, credit history, utilities, housing,

Familiarization Tours
Are designed for Expats and their families to provide an overview of the new city, the different communities, schools, recreation, shopping etc. This tour may be done before the Expat takes the job offer or after the decision during the first days of the arrival in Dallas.

Home finding assistance
Accompanied home finding program with a realtor including rental houses, apartments or home purchasing.

School Finding
Comprehensive school search program which includes school tours, meetings with admission offices and assistance with the application process.

Settling In Services
Assistance and guidance on setting up bank accounts, applying for social security number and driver’s license, vehicle registration, insurance coverage, auto lease or purchase, sourcing cell phone providers, assisting with all utilities, TV,
home phone and internet, assisting with rental furniture, obtaining insurance etc.

Departure Services
Assistance with all aspects and items which will occur during a move

International Business Consulting
Supporting small companies in their efforts to enter and expand their business on the US market. Services include but are not limited to:
Assistance in establishing a company with international lawyers and accountants, immigration consultation with international immigration specialists, business representation, assistance in selecting a US office site

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