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Dubai Investment


A Wonderfull Day Everyone.

Just one sentence to describe myself. I am Ben a experienced Down Town Real Estate Agent.

I have decided to write a small article about Dubai Investment opportunities.


- 1. Is it a good Time to Invest in Dubai?
- 2. Where to invest in Dubai?
- 3. What are the returns I can expect?
- 4. Things you should not do

- Yes and No. Let me explain. The market has come to a peak over the last years and prices are falling. This means that you can now find cheaper properties on the market than before, but it is less likely that they will increase massively in value like before. Rent prices have also dropped, but you can still get around 5-7% Return of investments, especially in areas like Down Town or Palm Jumeirah. So It is a good time to invest in Dubai, you should just not expect to much to happen. The expo is coming up soon and everyone i hoping that their property will increase massively in value. It will increase in value, but not massively due to the simple fact of supply and demand. Once the expo comes a lot of Demand will be there but at the same time a lot of people awaited that moment so supply will also be high.

- The best places to invest in Dubai are the business hubs and central areas, like Down Town / Old Town / Business bay. People will always find work in this area, hence there will always be a good demand for housing. In addition OFF-Plan (Not yet build, buildings) are always a good investment too, as they tend to increase value, right after they have been build. Its a little bit risky, because there are cases where you don’t get exactly what you paid for. You need to have a experienced Agent to guide you in the market.

- Around 5-7% per year. And until Protected content property value can rise up to 15% maybe more, but its not possible to make a 100% correct forecast.

- The most important point is to avoid looking by yourself. 75% of the Dubai Ads you see are fake or incorrect you need a good Agent to guid you through the Jungle.The bonus is also they help you negotiate a better price most of the time. Avoid using Agents that are always delaying or post posing meeting with you. They are probably inexperienced and just trying to keep you with them until they found something. You can be lucky, but most of the time they don’t know what they are doing. Avoid investing into commercial space, it has never the same returns as the housing market.

Sincerely Ben - Your favorite Real Estate Agent ( Protected content )

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