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How to best find a technology job in the UAE? (Dubai)

I'm in the US currently and don't have much of a problem getting a tech job in the NY area. Lots of demand for talented programmers, developers, software architects, etc. I have over a decade of experience under my belt, so I'm certainly not seeking entry level work.

I'm sure people have gone through these paths before so any advice would be greatly appreciated. How, exactly, do I get a job in the UAE? Do I apply from the US? Do I first move and then start applying? Do I use recruiters? If so, which and how?

I've heard that as a US expat, companies often offer generous packages that include amenities such as housing, transportation, etc. How would I learn more about this?

I don't want to simply ask for help without showing that I've tried on my own. So I'll tell you what I've tried. I've used as well as linkedin and applied to every job that seems to meet my needs. I haven't heard a word back, not an email, not a phone call. I've tried messaging people directly via LinkedIn to inquire about jobs and still nothing.

So.. any help?

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