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Job Offer (Dubai)


Is there anyone can share some suggestions regarding a job offer.I recently applied for a job at Minister Cruise Line in UK and sent a job application to Mr. Gabriel Kelvin(Manager at Minister Cruise Line).Mr Gabriels responded to mail and informed me that there's no more vacancy at present and asked me to send my credentials to another mail id of Mr.Robert Gideon of Planet Cruises.I sent my job application along with relevant documents and the very next day I received a reply from Mr.Robert and he sent me a mail with detailed descriptions about his company and the various facilities and also about remuneration packages and other employee benefits.He also included an electronic form in the mail and asked me to fill it up and send back.I sent him the duly filled in form and in a day I got a job offer letter and in the mail he asked me to scan the signed offer letter and initial fee for Visa Processing which is refundable.

I have 5 days to respond to his mail and I'm confused little bit,cause when I checked in the Google I found there's scam associated with his Planet Cruise and those who received offer letter from him still waiting for a response from British High Commission as they are not sure about whether it's a scam or not.

When I contacted Mr.Gabriel Kelvin,in "Parttimerz" again regarding this new job offer and he suggested me to proceed further and he is confirming that it's genuine and he has made his own investigation and found that some people are trying to bringing down planet cruise's reputation. .At this point I don't know how to proceed further cause I'm already a victim of a huge scam which caused me a lot and at this struggling stage I need a good job to balance a normal life.Is there anyone from British Embassy or High Commission who can provide some valuable suggestions.I have to respond to the job offer in 5 days.Below is the conversation I had with Mr Gabriel Kelvin yesterday.

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