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Job Salary (Dubai)

Dear All,

I need an advice from more experienced expats in Dubai.

I will be soon in the phase of renegotiating my contract and I would like to ask you if my conditions are good enough for Dubai. The position is Project Engineer in Oil&Gas Consulting (I have about 6 years experience in Energy field and MSc from Dutch University).

My current conditions are:

- ~20K AED month
- Shared company car (with 1 colleague)
- Mobile
- Health Insurance (without Dental)
- 2 return tickets per year
- 50K AED for the accomodationfor just for the first year of my job in Dubai.
- NO other benefits are included

I am very concerned about the house allowance...with my salary, how much should the house allowance? Can it be zero??
Any other benefits that must be included???

Thank you for your advices.