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Job with benefits (Dubai)

Hello friends, I currently live in USA, teaching 6 year old children at my church. I volunteer & in August it will start my 4th year teaching. I've also worked as a nanny for 2 years. I was an International flight attendant with a major airline for 11years, I have an esthetic license. I guess I'm still finding my self ;&)! I really want to work with children either as a teacher's assistant in a preschool or daycare. I'm fluent in English (written & verbal). Will anyone please give me any advice or leads in this field. I don't have a bachelor's degree but I have hands on experience. What are the requirements in UAE for teaching assisting or working with kids? Also how is the pay? Or what other jobs would be suitable for me? Thank you so much for taking the time to read my LONG post ;@) really want to live in Dubai & I want to be able to support myself! Your time is most appreciated! Have a beautiful day/ night.

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