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Looking for a job in Sustainable Solutions (Dubai)

Hi all!

I have a Master's in Construction management, but I focused on sustainability. I'd ideally like to work in a sustainable community/transportation planning capacity, but I'm open to all green job opportunities. I want to work with sustainable solutions because it has become a hype, and in this hype, it has lost all its value. People are so busy trying to get some certification or the other that they compromise on the actual sustainability of their projects and initiatives. I want sustainability to be a lifestyle.

I want people to realize that being sustainable isn't just a piece of paper, it is an active process that you have to keep working on. Because one can install all the right equipment because it marketed as "sustainable" or "green" or "energy efficient", and still have a very unsustainable system because they are doing everything wrong. Sustainability is about education it is about constantly learning and teaching yourself so that you're always trying to be better and make better choices.

I appreciate any and all help and leads. If you know of an opportunity that might interest me, or a contact that might be useful, please feel free to send me the information through a personal message.

Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day!



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