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Moving to Ajman end of December 2013 - Tips please (Dubai)


Hi there,

I have a new position teaching in a womens Tech college in Ajman. I will be needing a unit/space to rent for up to 18 months - provided I'm happy there - I hate moving house, so would like to 'nail it' first time round in finding the right place to 'settle in' - the thought of looking for another place, because of noise, dirt or, unpleasant area... ugh. Done this a few times in my lifetime! And, I'm on a tight budget, so errors can be avoided by doing good homework initially.

I've just begun researching online, so need local information as to:

Q. 1
- the nicer areas;
- good apartment blocks with amenities (I've heard - for example - that places like 'Horizon' have a grocery story and foodcourt at the base, which will assist me ie.
- I won't have a car and so will be paying for taxis or walking - any reductions in costs on this level via good facilites would be a helpful tip), etc.
- other forms of accomodation I might not have considered - I am unfamiliar with local 'ways', and there might be other forms of accomodation that are safe, spacious, reputable and with nice views - tips please?

I'd love to find a spacious, well lit place, one to two bedrooms, but with a view preferable of the ocean; but under 45, Protected content UAED a year. Additionally, an apartment/area that is quiet and can have the internet put on.

I need tips from anyone living there already - in other words, HELP!! LOL! Trying to do my homework well in advance - I'll have enough to deal with in adjusting to a new culture, country and full-time work again, teaching. If domestics could be sorted a little, in terms of where to go for things, that would assist enormously.

Unless I can find a furnished place with clean items, I will probably get an unfurnished place, and just start with purchasing basics - a bed/linen, small fridge, washing machine/dryer combo or some kind of servic/facilites nearby.

Q 2. Where is the best place to go to purchase such items at reasonable cost? Brand tips (I know western brands; but what locally made brands are reputable and cost effective - I don't want to pay an arm and leg; just want to have the basics economically purchased)?

Q 3. Or, should I hire them? And what would a monthly cost be for fridge, washing machine/dryer combo?

Q 4. Where would I go to find the services such as internet, power supply, dry cleaning/washing services?

Q 5. Do these places deliver and install heavy item whitegoods (fridge, washing machine) up sets of stairs (in case I'm in an apartment)?

Most grateful thanks, in advance, for your tips, knowledge and advice.

cheers, Jaya

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