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Procurement Manager (Dubai)

Procurement Manager

Basic Information
1. Location of work place: S&P’s Turkey Branch Office
2. Gender: Turkish Male with fair looking
3. Ages: Less than 37
4. Level of education: Bachelor’s degree
5. Marital Status: Married
6. Miscellaneous: no disqualification of entering into Iraq and Dubai or staying in project site or Dubai if required.

1. Personal Integrity and excellent communication skills both orally and in writing to deal effectively with vendors and S&P staff by Turkish, English and Iraqi
2. Minimum 7 years’ experience as a procurement manager or Minimum 3 years’ experience as a procurement director in materials related to construction or plant projects with the same company
3. Well versed in construction related material and raw material
4. Good skills in Word, Excel, and Power point usage

1. Research dependable and competitive suppliers and good sources of raw material in Turkey
2. Promote S&P and Iraqi project to local suppliers
3. Keep good relationships with Suppliers so everything runs smoothly for future bidding and negotiation
5. Provide a Daily Report to a Manager in Dubai
6. Collaborate with S&P Dubai staff and Hanwha technical experts in preparing specifications for Quotations, Tenders, Proposals and Supply Agreements in a clear and good manner.
7. Coordinate the preparation of the procurement documents, utilizing sound sustainable procurement practices, while adhering to S&P’s company policies prior to issuing RFP’s as required.
8. Schedule, organize and facilitate Job-Site and/or Pre-Bid meetings related to Quotations, Tenders and Proposals.
9. Support contract meetings and prepare meeting notes
10. Issue Addendums to Quotations, Tenders and Proposals, as required.
11. Attend and preside over public openings of Tenders, Proposals and Quotations.
12. Conduct an in-depth analysis of all bids received in response to each Tender, Proposal and Quotation to identify the response that best meets the needs of Hanwha Site team and is consistent with the terms and conditions of S&Ps procurement policy. Prepare recommendation for award. Provide supplier debriefing sessions, when requested, with unsuccessful respondents.
13. Use judgment, diplomacy and confidentiality with respect to the complete procurement process, ensuring integrity of the respondents bid information.
14. Involvement in preparation of contracts and tender awards that may be confidential or sensitive information related to property or personnel, or legal implications if required.
15. In accordance with S&P’s request, prepare contract with vendor and maintain contract after award, ensuring that all documents are kept current and complete. Confer with suppliers regarding delivery, quality, etc. to ensure that the requirements are met.
16. Monitor contracts and vendor performance and consult with vendors and/or user departments to implement corrective action when required.
17. Arrange for samples, testing and evaluation of new products. Collaborate with S&P and Hanwha staff on new standing agreements, ensuring S&P and Hanwha staff awareness of product lines of new suppliers if required.
18. Contribute to the development and formulation of purchasing procedures and practices as required.
19. Participate in possible future projects and assignments related to procurement, as required.
22. Assist in the annual physical inventory process, as required.
23. Perform other related duties as may be assigned.

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