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What a candidate usually lies to you in an intervi (Dubai)


You are a recruiter? And you think there is no secret or lie could hide from you. But the true is in every interview, candidates always lie by clever words. Do you know what they actually want to say?

1. Employer: Why do you quit your previous job?

Candidate: I feel it is the time I challenge myself with more opportunities and more development.

Reality: I made a big mistake at previous company.

2. Employer: What could inspire you in this position?

Candidate: In this position, I have the chance to communicate, show my abilities to contribute for company’s success.

Reality: What makes me the most comfortable is an idle job, a good income and company is near my house.

3. Employer: What do you learn from your mistake?

Candidate: Every time I do something wrong is the time for me to look at and complete myself, avoid repeating the same mistakes which create a bad result to my work.

Reality: I hardly notice my fault. I often forgot it right away after it was fixed.

4. Employer: Could you work under pressure environment?

Candidate: I feel that I can do even better under pressure, which helps me more focus and quickly to find efficient solutions.

Reality: I just want to do an easy work. A job full of stress and pressure could knock me down.

5. Employer: Why do you want to work at my company?

Candidate: As far as my knowledge, your company is one of the leading in finance field, has potential development, comfortable environment, which is I always look for at a dream job.

Reality: I applied about 50 places without responds. Luckily you call me for an interview.

6. Employer: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Candidate: If I have chance to become a member of the company, I will try my best to fulfill myself, do not stop learning, improve my knowledge to complete the job at a high result, bring the best revenue to company.

Reality: I just have a plan to work here from a half to a year, to cover my unemployment time, then I will jump to my friend’s company for a better position.

7. Employer: What is your motivation?

Candidate: There is no other except my passion, enthusiasm with my job, and moreover I am the person who feels happy when dedicated.

Reality: I’m afraid to be fired or salary deduction anytime and I will come back to a long unemployment time.

8. Employer: If you could, what would you say about yourself?

Candidate: I’m a hard-working, active, responsible person.

Reality: I’m lazy, careless and often late for work.

The mission of recruiters does not only recruit people or “find a needle in a haystack” but turns to “find a needle in 10 haystacks” like they said. Be careful of judging people, it’s your chance to find the truly assets for your company.

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