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Music Position (Frankfurt)

Hello All!

I am relatively new to the community here as well as to Germany, but I have to say that I am excited to begin my life here! I have been here for almost three months and as I am attempting to get my Residency Permit, I have hit a hurdle. I need a position rather immediately in some sort of Music Industry. I am an opera singer, opera stage director, music teacher and arts administrator from the United States and I need something to reflect that to help my Aufenthaltserlaubnis go through!

I am not looking for something huge or for a very high salary, and I already have a few leads. My Ausländer Büro agent suggested on top of my other part time work until I land a job in an opera house, I would need only about 15 hours per week. I live in Hofheim and am willing, of course, to travel pretty much anywhere in the area.

I actually hate having to ask for such a personal question, but I figured it was time to start utilizing this community of which I am now a part! If you have any information on a lead that I could work with rather immediately, please message me. I would be happy to chat more or respond to any questions. Thank you all so much for listening!


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