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Student Affairs Coordinator @ Bologna Center SAIS (Frankfurt)

Student Affairs Coordinator
Job Description:
The Student Affairs Coordinator for SAIS Europe at Bologna reports to the Director of SAIS Europe, works with faculty, students and staff on a range of activities related
To the student experience, and maintains linkages with the SAIS Chief Student
Affairs Officer in Washington, DC. The Student Affairs Coordinator:
Works with faculty and staff booth in Bologna and Washington to organize Curricular advising. Among his//her responsibilities: work with the Director, the Registrar, and the Faculty Liaison of SAIS Europe to arrange student advising assignments;; facilitate communications between students at SAIS
Europe and concentration heads at the SSAIS DC campus to ensure that students have accurate information on current concentration requirements and are aware of special opportunities and activities within their concentrations; serve as curricular advisor to individual students as
appropriate; Organizes student orientation sessions a t the beginning of the school year and supervises student government elections. He or she also acts as advisor to student government throughout the year and works with student government to ensure a smooth transition from year to year as well as an effective and rich program of extra‐‐curricular activities and experiences for the student body; Serves as a counselor to individual students encountering academic or personal difficulties, helping students directly or guiding them to other professionals.
Because SAIS Europe operates with a small staff, there are no hard and fast boundaries between the functions of the various offices and it is expected that those responsible for each office will work closely with colleagues in other offices. Moreover, subject to the limitations imposed by the Coordinator’s direct responsibilities, he or she should contribute to and participate in other academic activities of the Center, to be worked out with the Director of SAIS Europe.
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This is the coolest place in Terms of academic interlectual intercultural Exchange, now if you are looking for a Job in Italy,.. Bologna is just fantastic,.. I myself studied there,.. and here you find the email, I got:

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As you may know, we are in the process of looking for a replacement for Margel Highet, Director of Student Affairs, no small task given how much she took on and how well she did it. We have altered the description of the role slightly, but the job is still very broad and very challenging.

I have attached a position description which will give you a better idea of what we envision to be the responsibilities and the qualifications we seek in candidates. I hope you will look it over and, of course, let us know if you would like to be considered for the position or if you have some ideas of others who might be good candidates.

If you have some interest or some suggestions, please send your application or suggestions to Barbara Wiza ( Protected content ). You may also want to forward the announcement to others you think might be interested in the position. We will be accepting applications and nominations until May 9, at which point I will be putting together a small screening committee to make final recommendations to me.

Thanks for your help in this matter.

If you want I can also sent you the job-discription as pdf, Drop me a PN with your email-address.
Good Luck.
In boca al lupo.
Claudia M:

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