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Working in Guangzhou

Find out how to get a job and work in Guangzhou

The growing Chinese economy is appealing to many expats, and Guangzhou, with its versatile economy and the many leading sectors, is definitely among the favorite destinations. Find out how to best prepare for the demanding local job market and get ready for working in Guangzhou!

Employment in Guangzhou

Local Economy

As the third largest city in China, and also one of the richest cities, Guangzhou’s huge commercial and manufacturing industry has become a powerful part of the country’s ever growing economy. The main manufacturing in Guangzhou includes textiles, small appliances, machinery and porcelain, and these goods are supplied to other parts of China, but also to the rest of the world. Guangzhou has one of the lowest rates of unemployment across China, and the living standards are higher than many other cities in the country. Because of the country’s prosperity and international significance, this is a popular location for expatriates moving to China for work.

Job Hunting in Guangzhou

With many international businesses in Guangzhou, the opportunities for expatriates are high throughout the city. Most foreigners who will start working in Guangzhou will be moving there with existing jobs working for international businesses. It is necessary to have secured a job before relocating to Guangzhou, or you will not be able to enter China on the correct work visa. Guangzhou is a popular location for gap year students or young English teachers because of its location, with easy routes to other parts of China, but also its proximity to other parts of South East Asia and Hong Kong. Jobs can easily be found online, but another way to find employment teaching English is by contacting schools and universities by emailing them directly. Often you will see jobs advertised for English speakers to teach other subjects at universities, so for professional lecturers, there are several teaching vacancies throughout Guangzhou.

Work Permits for Guangzhou

To work in Guangzhou, you will need to enter the country on a specific work visa, but once you get here, this will need to be transferred to a residency permit within 30 days of arriving in China. To apply for the initial residency permit you will need to already have obtained employment in Guangzhou, and for this you will need a certificate of employment from your employer, and will also need to already have an address for accommodation within the city.If you have only got temporary accommodation sorted before you begin working in Guangzhou, you can update the address details with your application for the residency permit.

There are several bureaus throughout the city where the residency permit can be acquired, and this will cost different amounts of money for different nationalities, as will the initial work visa. Your employer should help you with your application, and advise you with the best place to apply for the residency permit, though more often than not, they will accompany you to help, particularly with the language barrier. For more information, take a look at our various articles on Visas and Administration in China.

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Updated on: December 02, 2021
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