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Living in Karlsruhe

A comprehensive guide about living well in Karlsruhe

If you’re an expat looking forward to start a new life, Karlsruhe welcomes you! A city recognized for its rich German history, high quality education and excellent transportation are some of the benefits expats experience there. Read more relevant info in our Relocation Guide.

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Life in Karlsruhe

Culture and Leisure

Karlsruhe is a city with a fascinating intellectual and industrial history that is reflected in many of its cultural attractions. The Centre for Art and Media, for example, is one of the city’s most visited attractions, and is housed in a converted ammunition factory.

Karlsruhe is also home to many other galleries and museums, including the Museum of Natural History, the State Art Gallery, and Majolika-Manufaktur, which is the only ceramics studio in Germany and is home to the largest piece of ceramic art in the world. Karlsruhe also has two botanical gardens, an opera house, and many theatres. The Karlsruhe Palace and the Kleine Kirche (Little Church), both of which date back to the 18th century, are also major cultural attractions in the city.

The city’s football team, Karlsruher SC, play in the second division of the Bundesliga.

Education in Karlsruhe

Although Germany has a free public school system, many expatriates living in Karlsruhe instead choose to send their children to an international school. Most international schools will teach in English (or French, in some cases), and will enable students to earn internationally recognized qualifications like the International Baccalaureate.

Karlsruhe has a number of international schools, most notably the European School Karlsruhe. There are also well-regarded international schools in nearby Heidelberg (Heidelberg International School) and Stuttgart (the International School of Stuttgart and the bilingual Swiss International School).

As one of the centers of German education, Karlsruhe has some of the best universities in the country. Karlsruhe University is the oldest technical university in Germany, whilst the Academy of Fine Arts is one of the highest regarded arts universities in the country.

Transportation in Karlsruhe

Expats with a driver’s license issued in an EU-country can drive in Germany without limitations. Other expats living in Karlsruhe will be able to drive legally using their foreign driving license for up to six months, after which time they will need to apply for a German license.

The road network in Germany is extremely well managed, and this is especially true in Karlsruhe. Although there are no tollbooths or charges for using the roads, the price of petrol is higher than most other countries due to higher fuel taxes.

Karlsruhe’s public transportation system is operated and maintained by Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe (VBK), and includes an extensive bus network and seven tram routes. Many people prefer to use the public transportation system instead of driving in the city center. There is also a large rail system that connects the city center to the suburbs, and other cities across Germany. The nearest airports are Baden Airpark, Frankfurt International Airport, and Stuttgart Airport, all of which are within an hour and a half of the city.

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Updated on: October 21, 2021

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