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Moving to Linz

What to know if you're moving to Linz

Linz residents enjoy a good quality of life: the city is a hub for industry and arts projects and events, and there is a high rate of employment. Expats moving to Linz can also look forward to many local amenities, from cinemas to restaurants, and a choice of housing and schools.

Relocating to Linz

About the City

Linz is the capital of Upper Austria and the country’s third-largest city, with over 190,000 inhabitants in 2013. Situated on the Danube, it has a “culture mile” along the river, which stretches from the Lentos art museum and Brucknerhaus concert hall to the Ars Electronica Center on the northern bank of the river.

The city is situated close to the Czech border and is in close proximity to lush countryside and hills. There are good transportation connections to the neighboring countries Italy, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The Climate in Linz

Linz’s position in central Europe means that the weather varies dramatically from season to season. In the summer months, from June to August, temperatures tend to hover around the 20°C mark, although the mercury has been known to push towards 30°C on occasion. The record high temperature in Linz is 36.2°C.

The winter months can get very cold, and, in December and January, temperatures are most likely to be in the negative figures. Linz experiences snow from November to March, although most of this precipitation is confined to the coldest months of December and January.

Visas for Austria

Citizens of EU/EEA countries and Switzerland can reside in Austria for up to six months without a permit, and they have free access to the job market. They can work anywhere in Austria without a job permit, as per EU regulations.

Expats moving to Linz and wishing to stay for more than six months must apply for a residence permit. It is best to apply for a residence permit prior to your arrival in the country, although spouses and children can often apply for theirs after you have moved.

Expatriates outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland require a residence and a work permit. Check out our dedicated guide on Moving to Austria for more detailed information on this topic.

Updated on: November 25, 2021

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