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A comprehensive guide about living well in Mulhouse

Known as the city of one hundred chimneys, Mulhouse is a scenic French city most famous for its industrious past. Home to huge numbers of museums, Mulhouse’s rich heritage is just one of many reasons that expats from all over the world have decided to start a new life in Mulhouse.

Life in Mulhouse

Transportation in Mulhouse

The quaint winding roads of Mulhouse are extremely easy to navigate by car or public transport. There is no shortage of public transit options available, with excellent bus and train links to and from the city and across France.

There is a Eurolines coach service which provides fast and simple access to the neighboring countries of Germany and Switzerland. Regular, reliable and cheap trams and buses make getting around Mulhouse completely stress free.

For expats planning on making use of the city’s transport facilities, it is advisable to purchase a Tourpass ticket or Family Pass which allows unlimited amounts of travel for an allocated amount of time.

Driving in Mulhouse is simple, and easy for foreigners to get to grips with. Traffic is light and uncomplicated with medium sized roads. Driving takes place on the right and traffic laws are strictly adhered to and enforced.

Culture and Leisure

This scenic Alsatian city is known as the technical museum capital of the world. Mulhouse boasts the world famous National Automobile Museum, where the most impressive cars of the past century are displayed. Most famous for its huge Bugatti exhibit, this museum is a fascinating day out for the entire family. The Train Museum is a dream come true for every keen train spotter and lover of locomotives. Another great museum to visit is the Museum of Fine Arts.

Guests to this renowned gallery can admire some of France’s finest masterpieces by prestigious artists, spanning the Middle Ages to the present day. The Mulhouse Zoo and Botanical Garden is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Spread out over an expansive 25 hectares, this colorful establishment is home to 190 exotic species of wildlife and some rare, beautiful plant life.

Safety and Security

Mulhouse is an extremely safe and secure city, with an exceptionally low level of crime compared to other cities in France and across Europe. Foreigners should still exercise caution at all times, especially in crowded tourist parts of the city and at train and bus stations. Very little serious crime is reported in the region, however pick-pocketing and bag snatching are common in busy areas and people from overseas are especially vulnerable. In case of emergency, the police contact number is 112.

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by InterNations GO!
05 August 2015
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