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Working in Mulhouse

Find out how to get a job and work in Mulhouse

Mulhouse has a lot to offer potential employees in a number of sectors. The city houses a selection of industries including pharmacy, technology and tourism. Each of these booming businesses is great options for expats hoping to start working in Mulhouse.

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Employment in Mulhouse

Local Economy

Mulhouse was at the heart of the French industrial revolution, and has been a thriving economic business hub ever since.

The economic heritage of the city lies in the production of textiles and machinery. The history of this commercial past can be seen in the mechanics museums of the area, and much of it still survives today, with a number of factories operating in the city.

Thanks to the vast array of public transport links and roads, booming business centers such as Belfort-Montbeliard, Freiburg and Basel are easily accessible from Mulhouse. Many residents take full advantage of this simple journey and commute to work in these neighboring districts.

Mulhouse is a hugely popular choice of destination for summer houses and second homes. As a result, many expats find short term work house-sitting during the off-peak seasons.

Job Hunting in Mulhouse

A wide range of job vacancies for English speaking foreigners can be find online: it is easy to narrow the search down by town or city, making finding a job in Mulhouse very straightforward.

People moving to Mulhouse from EU countries and Switzerland can search for a job on the EURES website. This is the official job site from the European Commission. On this website potential Mulhouse residents can upload a CV and seek advice from experts. EURES hold job fairs throughout France which are well worth attending. Another great way to hunt for Mulhouse jobs is to browse local newspapers and community websites. The city wide paper “L’Alsace” has an extensive job section that is perfect for finding work in manual labor and casual sectors.

Income Taxation in Mulhouse 

Residents of Mulhouse are taxed on their income: this includes wages, pensions, financial investments and rental income. Income tax is charged at a progressive scale: incomes lower than 6,012 EUR are not taxed; otherwise rates range from 5.5% on income up to 11,991 EUR per tax year up to 45% on income of 151,000 and above.

In addition to the standard income tax rates, any people with a net annual income of 250,000 EUR or higher is liable to pay a unique tax contribution known as “contribution exceptionnelle sur les hauts revenus”. This is charged at 3% on income of up to 500,000 EUR and 4% on any higher earnings. These tax rates apply to all earners including expats.

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Updated on: September 16, 2021
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