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Pascal Tremblay
"With InterNations as my network, I have been able to make many friends learn the ins and outs about living in The Hague."
Lastri Sasongko
"Making new friends and contacts in the Hague was much easier once I began to attent InterNations events."

Our Friendly Community of Expats in Groningen Welcomes You!

Goededag and welcome to our expat community for Groningen! Whether you're traveling to this bustling Dutch city for work or study, the InterNations network is here to help you to find your feet. Our extensive online and offline resources are used by dozens of expats who have made Groningen their home, all of whom are happy to share their experiences and offer advice and guidance for settling into the Dutch way of life. As a new arrival, you're likely to have a few questions — such as what the road etiquette is in this bicycle-friendly city, how to get over the language barrier and what to expect from Groningen's student-heavy nightlife. Many of our members have lived in Groningen for many years, while others are newly arrived, so you'll be able to find a variety of perspectives on life in the city. We hope you'll also share your own experiences of relocating to Groningen to pass on your knowledge. A lively and innovative city with a young and active feel, Groningen is an excellent location to experience Dutch life at its most vibrant and cosmopolitan.

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  • Moving to Groningen

    Groningen in the Netherlands has a long and colorful history. It is now widely known as a student city and center of culture, with an impressive architecture and a lively atmosphere, even during the night. So expats moving to Groningen have plenty to look forward to!
  • Living in Groningen

    Living in Groningen can be a rewarding experience: this tight-knit and livable city has the most contented people according to recent statistics. If you want to enjoy the vibe of this beautiful city in the Netherlands, check out some useful information in this article!
  • Working in Groningen

    Working in Groningen can be difficult without speaking the local language, but it is definitely not impossible! Discover some of the local work opportunities and learn more about income taxation and work permits with this guide.

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Dive into Groningen Expats Life

Once voted the best city center in the Netherlands, Groningen is a progressive university city with a rich cultural life and a fascinating history. Located in the north-east of the country just a short distance from the German border, the city was an important trade center throughout the Middle Ages, and maintains a rich academic tradition via the University of Groningen, the second-oldest university in all of the Netherlands. Education is a major economic driver for the city, attracting many international students and expats. Other key industries include business services, healthcare and trade, with a number of major Dutch companies making Groningen their base. Like most Dutch cities, Groningen is also highly picturesque with green surroundings, excellent facilities and dozens of waterside bars and restaurants. With the youngest average population in the Netherlands, Groningen is very much a city of the future, and one with rich opportunities for personal and business development.

Discover Our Expat Community in Groningen

Whether you're looking for info on visas, selling your car, or seeking recommendations for Groningen's best nightspots, with InterNations it couldn't be easier to connect to fellow expat residents who may be able to assist. Our community is built on the guiding principles of honesty, respect, and good online etiquette, meaning you can feel free to join and pose any questions you might have. Perhaps you're wondering about cost of living and typical salary expectations in the city or you need advice about the Dutch healthcare system or tax regulations. Or you may simply be looking to expand your social horizons by joining a sports team, practicing your Dutch with a native speaker, or meeting fellow expats for coffee and a chat. Whatever you're looking for, InterNations has got you covered with a variety of interest-based groups. Don't forget to come along to our regular networking events too, in which you can mix with fellow Groningen expats while enjoying food, drinks, and entertainment in an attractive local venue.

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Pascal Tremblay
"With InterNations as my network, I have been able to make many friends learn the ins and outs about living in The Hague."
Lastri Sasongko
"Making new friends and contacts in the Hague was much easier once I began to attent InterNations events."

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