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The Expat Community in Eindhoven Welcomes You!

Goededag and welcome to our expat community in Eindhoven! InterNations is a social network created to help expat employees and their families to adjust to their new home, and to help smooth out all the hassles and surprises which come with moving to a new country. Dozens of expats have used our platform already to ease the transition to a productive new life in Eindhoven.

By joining InterNations, you can make contact with expats who are already settled in the city, ask questions and begin to make new friends. Previous questions answered in our forums include "is it possible to live in Belgium and work in Eindhoven?", "how can I register for Dutch language classes?", as well as recommendations for the best places to go dancing! InterNations Eindhoven can support you, not only in reaching out to other expats in a similar situation, but in beginning to understand the unique Dutch character and how you can fit in to their way of life.

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A Hidden Gem of a City

Eindhoven has something of a reputation as a company town, but its history as a manufacturing and cultural capital goes back much further than Philips. It was named as the World's Smartest City in 2011 for its use of broadband and IT, and it stands at the heart of the "Brainport" region which accounts for half of the Netherlands' total research and development spending.

It is further home to the Van Abbemuseum, one of the world's finest art collections, and one of the best concert halls in Europe. And the transport links mean that whether you want to travel down to Amsterdam by high-speed rail, or catch a flight from the airport, you're never far from where you need to be.

The Network for Expats in Eindhoven

InterNations is a community of members who support each other in a respectful and polite environment. This means you can connect with people and ask questions online, but just as well join on of our groups to meet face-to-face. From our DinnerNations Group who enjoys Eindhoven's culinary delights together to simply exploring the city with the members of our Eindhoven City Trotters Group, whatever your interests and hobbies, with InterNations you can find like-minded people in your city. And in addition, you can look forward to our regular, official events.

The Dutch are famously clean and efficient (as well as supposedly all tall, blond, and blue-eyed), but it may still take newcomers some time to get used to local quirks and idiosyncrasies. Dealing with culture shock, bureaucracy, and foreign healthcare systems is much easier when you have experienced people to turn to who have all been in the same place as you before.

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