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Searching for Apartment in Col. Providencia (Guadalajara)

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to rent a place in Guadalajara beginning around August 1st. I am a young professional relocating to Guadalajara on July 23rd. I would like to see a place in person before committing, so I am available for appointments beginning on July 24th. I am available via email (lumpkin.ameliaATgmailDOTcom) beginning now.

I need to live near a bus line that goes to the Valle Real/Trompo Magico area ie. 706, 634, 51C.
I cannot live with cigarette smokers.
I am open to living with roommates (as I have lived for the past 7 years) as long as I have my own bedroom. I am also open to a one bedroom apartment.
I am fine with living with english or Spanish speakers or bilingual/multilingual folks who speak either Spanish and/or English.
I don't have furniture, but I am open to moving to pace that is furnished or unfurnished.
I have no pets.

Comment, message or email me if you have housing leads that suit my needs. Please let me know if there is anything I should clarify on this post so that you all can make recommendations.



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