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Favour, someone to buy locally and ship to UK? (Istanbul)


A random favour to ask if possible. This is not a scam.

I want to surprise the missus for our anniversary with some lingerie that she liked when we were in Istanbul. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to buy it in secret (quite hard to do when your on holiday!)

I have been looking to get them shipped to UK from shops and have contacted factories and suppliers with no success.

I am after specifically the Nurteks brand with 6 piece sets (you can buy sets online but not the 6 pieces one).

So is there a nice person in Istanbul that can give me a hand?

I am happy to use paypal to transfer funds and purchase the lingerie directly or up to the super helper to do themselves. The latter probably preferred so I dont need your person details (address) and also so you know there is nothing dodgy about the goods.

Obviously happy to compensate you for your time as well.


Happy to do the reverse if you want something from the UK, happy to reciprocate.

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