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Healing Lessons (Istanbul)

Hi...Interested in healing? I teach local and international workshops. Different courses are available. In an all-encompassing course we go from the basic 'what is a chakra' to 'how to heal a patient with cancer'. We explain what each illness means and how to cure it. This is an energy-based modality and uses different techniques, it does not require any previous knowledge or belief. At the end of the first lesson, students already begin being able to give treatments for burns, colds, panic attacks, the flu, performance anxiety among many other things. The idea is to be able to sort out panic attacks to chronic illnesses and pains.

If you've ever wondered 'why this illness, why me, why now? why again??' this is the course you're looking for.

I also work with Indigos...Indigo adults. We determine if an individual is an indigo, what that means and what that 'thing' is that they've been looking for. This is a short course, but changeable according to the needs of the individual.

Different course options are available for those who just want to learn specific things. Some options/healing techniques as such are Ra-Sheeba [ascension energy with symbols for wellness, telepaty, indigos, the liver, opening the heart, trust, balance and draining the effects of negative energy to name a few], Fusion [for acute sudden pains, migraines, peeling, circulatory problems and skeletal issues, sprains, wrinkles], HGE [detox, creativity, abudance, protection]

Other specifics include a special course in Protection and Abudance and Prosperity, as well as The Evil Eye [what is it, how to get rid of its energy and effects and how to ward it does take more than an evil eye!]

If you have any questions, please contact me.


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