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HELP - Mobile phone lost and found in Istanbul


Who can bring it back to me?
2 Weeks ago I lost my mobile at Ataturk Airport at the gate just before I entered the aircraft. Fortu-nately it was found and is now stored at the lost & found department at the airport.
I thought my problem is solved, but now the real problems begin. Summarized: - believe it or not - it is not possible to send a used mobile by a cargo company like UPS, DHL, FedEx etc. from Turkey to Germany. It is very important for me to get the phone back, because of the stored data.

Now I'm looking urgently for someone trustable, how is scheduled to travel from Istanbul to Ger-many by plane in the next days, and who would be so kind to pick up my phone at the Lost & Found counter and bring it along to Germany. I will offer as a reward 50 € for this little favor. Please ask around if you know someone, who knows someone, who has a brother, who has heard about someone..... ;-) I put my hope into this posting.

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