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Invest in renewable energy, “the goal of the time" (Istanbul)

Having its technological roots in Germany, which is the world-leading country in wind power technology, our company Turktek is entering the emerging Turkish wind power market with thorough market intelligence thanks to Turktek's vast networks in politics, administration, construction industry and the financial sector. To put it in a nutshell: Türktek provides all the technology and knowledge needed for successful wind power project realization in Turkey.

The wind power market: Turkey provides some of the most attractive wind sites in the world. Furthermore, the recent change in Turkish feed-in legislation created a highly interesting market for wind parks along the Turkish coastline with already over XXXXX MW of wind power plants being
planned. However, the bidding procedure for wind site establishment is now getting to a point where measured wind data at hub height is required and cannot be provided by most of the bidders. This is where Turktek will enter the market with highly professional, reliable but cost effective wind
monitoring equipment from Germany. In addition to the sophisticated technology, project management directly from Turkey guarantees quick and reliable project realization. In a second step Turktek offers further services for wind park planning, operation and maintenance.

Also in Turkey there are regions, where the electricity grid is not available everywhere at every time. Wherever there is no grid available, diesel gensets with high operating costs have been applied. Nowadays, wind and solar power in small stand-alone systems can overcome this problem effectively providing power 24/7.
Therefore, Turktek supplies robust German technology for wind-solar-hybrid systems and supports its customers with site specific system designs and installation. This is how growing industries like telecom and tourism as well as private homeowners can supply their electrical appliances
sustainably and cost effectively.

We are looking for investors for the realization of special projects designed by Turktek professional team. For further info please contact me - Protected content .

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