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золото полуботка - Ukrainian Pure Gold Vodka (Istanbul)

<< Original >>

Original , new alcoholic beverage.whick looks for its supporters. This reifned beverage will take a liking to strong, courageous, exicitable people, who have refined taste and do not like ordinariness and conventionality.Pure gold, which isincluded as a compound, likes business and self-confident people.

<< Golden Treasures >>

It contains the softening ingredients. It hasmild, refreshing taste, covers with cool of the winter morning and plays with shine of gold parts. Light fragrance of this beverage, which will take a liking not only to male representatives, but will be kept in mind for a long time.

Who wants to make a good memory about this special votka ?
There is somekind of thins in the world you can't find easily . This vodka is one of them. This vodka just produced for only special orders. One of my customer gave me 3 bottles when I was in business trip. And I am planning to sell it.

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