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New Husband For My Mama (Jakarta)

Hello guys.

I want to tell you this truth, back on Sunday 24 June Protected content , I became a victim of human rights abuse, physical harrasments, and psychological terrors that done by my Indonesian stepfather from Cirebon, who my half-sisters told me that he's a Lucifer, King of Devils, according to the views of Christianity, proven by arrogancies that he has shown to me, my mother and my sister. He did that harrasments, just because of a simple reason that, ehmm... I'll tell you in direct and face to face meet up, aftermath of that, WiFi turned off, I sleep without air conditioning and can't access to First Media Cable TV in my bedroom, etc. Luckily, just times before I'll officially reverted to my old religion, Anglican (why reverted? Because 2/3 of my Ancestors are Anglicans, and most of my Anglican relatives live in the UK, while 3/4 of my Ancestors are Jewish, and most of my Jewish relatives are settled in the US, Canada, Japan and the UK) from Islam, my current religion, God has already shown His Powers to showcased how bad is my Cirebonese stepfather. One half-sister told me that most Cirebonese have a very bad personality, just like most West Javanese people, based on my half-sister views. And one day, My Mama asked to divorce from my stepfather and I'm backed on it, nowadays I see a grand hypocrisy from my Mother that needs to be solved, because of Lucifer Influences that blinded my Mother to defend me and use logics to understand my problem and mostly, problems with my stepfather, the best way to end this is a divorce and send my stepfather back to Cirebon and never let him go back to Jakarta and never let him to meet me, My Mama and my Sister. Because Lucifer can't exist with kind people like Mama and my Sister.

Hmmmhh the criterias for new and third husband for my Mama (Mama has married 3 times, 1st in Protected content gave birth to me in Protected content , ended in Protected content of my father's death, the 2nd one was in Protected content my Cirebonese Devil Stepfather and gave birth to my sister in Protected content these, aside from main criterias that 3rd husband for Mama should be an Icelandic, Irish, New Zelander, Canadian - which they're friendliest nations on earth -, or at least British:

1. Mature in Materials (especially have lots of money) and Morals

2. Can accept my Mama, me and my sister naturally without terms and conditions

3. Able to respect me, my Mama and my sister with lots of differences

4. Allowed me to steer and command my new Daddy to build a happy, safe, peaceful and harmonious family without Lucifer Influences left by my Cirebonese stepfather and mostly obeying what I want and what I need a.k.a obeying my commands, wills and wants

5. Be a good, well, excellent and best husband for my Mama and be a good, well, excellent and best daddy for me and my sister

6. Respect my biological father's family and my mother's family, and able to clean and tidy up Mama and my sister's brain, heart, and soul from Lucifer Influences left by my Cirebonese Devil stepfather

7. Able to command Mama to accept and respect differences in this life and teach her about good life

8. Liberal, Democratic, Free, Not Authoritarian nor Dictatorial, Theistic, Pluralist, Smart, Educated, Have well character, Wise, Intelligent, Genius, Talented, Generous, Open-Minded, Open-Viewed, Unique, Humble, Honest, Dynamic, Friendly, Tolerant, Amusing, Entertaining, Understanding, Knowing, Kind-Hearted, Warm-Hearted, Positive-Minded, Loyal, Faithful, Godly, Blessing, Compassionate, Merciful, Patience, Forgiving, and more positive values

If someone is interested to help me on this subject, it'll be interesting and would be appreciated. I'm James Parcival Rosenberg Cohen Smith Carrington, also known with my Indonesian name, Rheza Fadly Surya Siregar, swearing in the name of God, that I responsible for those statements above.

Thank You

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