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//The HABIT of HAPPINESS// (Jakarta)


/What determines your happiness?/

What exactly is it that makes you happy?

Studying and practicing in workshops?
Helping others and yourself?
Seeking positive vibes and good energies?
Your relationship with others?
Fitness? A healthy body?
Money? A good job?

I’m going to share a secret with you...None of these, or any other external influences, equate to happiness. Not lasting happiness anyway.

You see, we’ve been programmed to believe that happiness is a subconscious reaction to some external influence.

Doing good for others makes me happy. Getting that promotion will make me happy. Retiring early makes me happy.

Sure, on a micro level this is true of all emotions. Happiness on a macro level, however, cannot be achieved without conscious influence.

It comes down to choice…Sounds easy right? Oh, I just decide to be happy and my life is suddenly perfect, huh? Not quite…

It does take effort. And it requires making HAPPINESS A HABIT.

Habits are formed over time; they can be shaped, molded, and altered with conscious effort.

Making happiness a habit requires three things…

Accepting the fact that you have a choice
Identifying your current happiness robbing habits
Replacing those robbing habits with happiness building actions

Actions take time to become habits. Consistent effort is key. Get support if you want to go beyond the current state, accelerate the process and achieve the best results.

Or, keep doing what you’ve been doing and continue to feel “not good enough”. That’s a choice....

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