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Best flatmate in the world available! (London)


Dear potential flat mate! You may just as well have found the best flat mate in the world.

I am 27, Dutch, I have studied in Sweden and I have worked in Berlin last half year. Crossing borders is what I do. Maybe you do too, maybe you don’t. Tell me about your life, I bet it is tremendously interesting.

So why am I moving to London? Well, a German software company has found it smart to hire me for a management position at their office in London, starting on October 1st. This means I’ll usually be wearing suits even though I am a casual and down-to-earth kind of guy. I’ll be traveling to Scandinavia for a couple of days from time to time. Not to worry, when I come home I’ll tell you all about it and I might have even brought you a souvenir. Or not. It has to be a surprise.

I need a double bedroom in the west of London with the nicest flat mates in the world. Good public transport connections to Reading, Heathrow and the city center are important for my work. Don’t worry about furniture: I’ll get my own if that would be necessary. I will be available to brighten up your flat from September 29 or sometime in the two weeks after that.

Yes, I am fine with you throwing a party once in a while: as long as I am invited and please let it be in the weekend. I’ll even help you carry the drinks. Hell, I’ll even throw you a surprise birthday party if you’re into that kind of thing! During the week I’ll want to come home and relax, chat a bit with you guys and generally just hang out in the living room (or “lounge”, whatever you wish to call it: I don’t judge). In the weekends I enjoy going out and meet people. I have had my share of girlfriends, but I haven’t met the one who stuck with me yet - despite of my natural charm. That’s ok though: when I meet her I’ll introduce you to her friends.

I need to have my own space, but I also enjoy coming home and hearing what’s up with your life. Some things I want to do alone, some things are awesome to do together. If you think you can keep up you’re welcome to join me for a run through London: I am training for my second half marathon. I’ll slow down when you start feeling sick, because I am a nice guy. When the time is right I’ll play some recognizable tunes on my guitar and yes, I do sing in the shower. No worries though: I honor requests, which includes shutting up.

I listen, I talk, I cook, I joke, I do dishes, I do laundry and I clean – all of that on a very regular basis. A messy apartment is a rare thing when I’m around. I live according to the bare-foot rule: I want to be able to go about the apartment bare-foot without feeling disgusted.

I speak English, German, Dutch, and a bit of Swedish. I don’t care in which of these languages we will communicate, as long as we do. I do not like to live alone in an apartment I am sharing, but I also don’t want to feel obligated to entertain you every hour of every day. If you’re bored you can borrow my guitar or read my books: that’s all fine by me. My door remains unlocked because I trust you. You are my flat mate and my friend.

So check out my picture and if this story caught your attention, please send me an email, call/whatsapp/text/facebook me. If you are still not convinced about me as your new flat mate I will gladly put you into contact with former flat mates, friends, family, acquaintances or even the family dog for that matter. They’ll all vouch for me. I am looking forward hearing from you!



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