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Looking for a double bedroom in zone N1, EC1, N5 (London)

Hi guys, I am moving to London at the beginning of December and for a long time for work. I am searching for a sharing in the area of Angel, Islington, London Bridge, Borough, Highbury and Islington or even something in the city. My budget is around Protected content (bills included) and of course anything below that would be welcome :)
I would need a large double bedroom or a bedroom with a lot of storage space for my clothes. The apartment should have a living room and a kitchen (I know it seems an absurd reques but I've read a post saying that there were no cooking facility and that shocked me...).
A bit about myself: I am a 28 y.o. Italian girl from the South (the name of the region I come from is Puglia) and I've been living abroad since Protected content , moving from France to Switzerland, the UK (I was in the Cotswolds) and eventually Spain, either for my studies or work (I work in marketing, btw).
I've been living by myself for the past year but I lived in shared flats the previous 9 years and have experienced more or less anything you can possibly imagine.
I am a lively person, love to spend time with my friends and family (whenever I can I travel to meet them in the South of Italy) and love to go out during the weekends and for the occasional intra-week beer. At the same time, I work very hard (normally between Protected content and enjoy quiet things like watching movies, reading a good book and, above all, cooking (coming from the South this is encoded in my DNA). I also love travelling and learning new languages. I currently speak four languages (IT, FR, EN and SP) but I'd love to learn Portuguese next year (on my list of things to do before turning 30).
I like sports and I am a strong supporter of the Italian Football team but the only one I can play well is volleyball. I go to the gym quite often and would like to start getting into the healthy routine of the Sunday run in the parc.
Last but not least, I love Karaoke and music in general and I enjoy with my friends the occasional Karaoke night.
I am not searching for a person who's exactly like me but for somebody I can establish a good connection and become friend with. As I said, I am moving to London for a permanent job, therefore I am interested in a long-term stay.

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