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Rules on limits on rent increases in London or UK

Hi all, I have a question for you. I am new to the city, and am trying to find out whether there are any rules or laws in the UK, or in the city of London, that dictate that landlords can only increase the rent by X percent each year on existing tenants. In Washington DC, where I came from, there was such a law setting the increase to a maximum of 5%. How about in London?

I have a one-year lease here, and my landlord (a nice guy, and he wants to keep me) wants to increase the rent from Protected content to Protected content . That's a big increase. Is this consistent with the laws of the land? In DC this would not be considered legal.

Thanks for any knowledge on this. I tried to look on the web but didn't find anything conclusive and hard-and-fast on this topic.

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