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Breakout Consul

Awarded to a new Consul who has performed extremely well in 2017, diving straight into the role and taking it on with genuine enthusiasm and drive.


Winner: Lucia Kim — São Paulo  

Honorable Mention: Eleanor KemuntoNairobi


Why They Won

Lucia Kim is doing exceptionally well as a Consul in São Paulo. Taking care of the City Explorers and Hang Outs Group, she has proven to be an extremely welcoming and friendly host.

Her enthusiasm and passion are evident, but apparently is part of her mindset. She believes that one can't get it wrong when doing ‘’what you love… with love!’’

She applied to become a Consul at first motivated by meeting people, learning about new cultures, and making friends. Making people feel at home in São Paulo has been her main intention, which she has successfully been able to do.

Lucia truly embodies InterNations “Nobody stands alone” value, and she was admired and acknowledged by InterNations team members in Munich HQ for that, too, during the Global Awards Ceremony. All of us here were surprised by her way of overcoming challenges in order to offer fellow members the best experience possible.

She has certainly continued to go the extra mile with her groups. When looking at her versatile activity landscape along with the location spots she comes up with to visit with her group members, one can truly see how passionate she is about discovering new places and opening others’ eyes to such exciting spots around their city.

The entire Groups Team here at InterNations, can certainly see why most of the feedback we receive revolving around Lucia refer to the considerable amount of time and effort she is putting into the activities and her continued dedication to her group members and the passion she continues to share about bringing global minds together.

Lucia always has kind words for the people she is meeting through the groups, who seem to be enjoying themselves as much as she is. In fact, she says that what she will treasure the most will be those “wonderful moments shared with wonderful people”.

Congratulations to Lucia Kim São Paulo, as well as our honorable mention, Eleanor Kemunto in Nairobi, for impressing all of us with their new initiatives and how much their groups have grown in such a short period of time. Without their support, it wouldn’t have been possible!


About the winner:

Lucia Kim is an especially active Consul in our São Paulo Community. She is originally from South Korea and moved to São Paulo last year. She has also lived abroad in the UK in the past and enjoys meeting people from all over the world. Keeping her upbeat attitude and ability to make others feel at home abroad, she really enjoys organizing unique activities as a Consul, that truly bring people together.

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