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Teamwork Circle of Excellence

Awarded to a Consul team that exhibits outstanding teamwork and collaboration.


Winner: Alexandra Craciun, Rod Mupambirei, and Caoimhin Mac Dhiomasaigh — Bristol

Honorable Mention: Maryam Haeri, Sushrut Modak, and Michael Rubel — Orange County


Why They Won

For over a year now, the Bristol Community has been enjoying the many different types of activities offered and hosted by the Bristol Beer, Cider, and ... More! Group. Always having an activity in mind that suits everyone’s taste, the amazing team of Consuls has contributed to the growth of the Bristol Community in the best way possible.

They are a group of three Consuls and each of them represents a different part of the world: Caoimhin is from Ireland, Rod from South Africa, and Alexandra from Romania. Their different backgrounds complement each other and add to their success as Consuls.

Their way of organizing the activities is rather spontaneous: ‘’If one of us hears about an exciting event or venue, we grab the opportunity and quickly post an activity. Often, not all of us can attend but we try to be there when possible.

Every now and then, we also meet and discuss activities, especially when we want to try to come up with a new type of event. We like to have as much of a variety in our group activities as possible, and we appreciate the fact that each of us always brings very different ideas to the table. The internationality of our group is great, since we have so much to learn from each other!’’

Their advice to our other Consul Teams who organize and host activities together each month is to have fun and enjoy the journey! Beginnings are always difficult, but it becomes a lot easier with time. If you believe in your vision and follow your heart, you cannot go wrong!

The group of Consuls believe that the key ingredient of being a good team is mutual understanding and embracing the differences in the group. What is more, it is important that everyone is committed to a common goal, which, in their case, is making the Bristol Community stronger and more welcoming for new people. This generates the basis of their wonderful group, which they hope to see growing even more in the future.

Congratulations to Alexandra Craciun, Rod Mupambirei, and Caoimhin Mac Dhiomasaigh in Bristol, as well as our honorable mentions, Maryam Haeri, Sushrut Modak, and Michael Rubel in Orange County, for impressing all of us with your ability to remain upbeat and inspire other Consuls to work together as a team! 


About the winners:

Alexandra Craciun, Rod Mupambirei, and Caoimhin Mac Dhiomasaigh are especially active Consuls in our Bristol Community. They have enjoyed relocating abroad and love to meet new people in a foreign place. They truly embody the InterNations spirit of connecting global minds and show to other members how to go about working in a motivated and dynamic team as Consuls.

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