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Thank You Kiev

Dear Kiev,

The most mind-blowing event is to find a place like home even though there’s no place like home as people often say.

When I arrived in Kiev, I said to myself, I have got myself another home.

What attracted me to pay more attention to the city is seeing people of different culture living as one.

If they can, why can't I too? With a smile on my face, I said to myself, welcome to Ukraine.

My advice is that every nation and city has its own flaws. But what you believe works for you.

Just like most interesting places I have been to, Kiev is a good place to be: easy access, great environment, and also friendly people.

Kiev is the most perfect place even though we all know nothing is perfect without the help of continuous development. The city offers good mobility, effective public transportation, and lots of opportunities for traveler who want to explore.

Life has its own challenges, but every lesson we learn is a teacher in itself.

I have learned a lot about connecting with people, getting to know how most people from different places around the world behave and do their thing, as well as different cultures and how most of them display on the street with their beautiful attire.

Kiev is a home for all!


Jeremiah Akpan Kenny was born in the West African country Nigeria. As a member of the Merchant Navy, he is a seafarer by profession. Beyond that, he is also a writer, artist, song writer, motivational speaker, and life coach.

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