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Russian native - educationalinternational project (Miami)

An ideal candidate should be
A European woman of Protected content of age
Fluent English is most welcome
Own kids and stable family situation are welcome
University degree in Teacher Training Education is a must ( better if well-known Russian University Protected content
Knowledge of various Russian educational systems is a must
Highly cultural and open-minded
Intelligent and considerate
With a rich esthetical background
Able to culturally enrich the kids in various cultural spheres
With no less teaching experience than 4 years in Russian schools ( working periods, duties, leaving reasons to be mentioned in CV Protected content experience ( deputy director, primary/private school director)
Calm and quiet
Highly responsible
Good- looking , in a good sport shape
Grammatical and well-bread speech with no accent
No bad habits / non smoker
No files placed in courts both from the candidate and the relatives
Reference letters are a must
Ability to work in the multi task situations
Knowledge of the latest Russian education programs
Able to travel a lot
Able to work out of classroom environment in a constantly changing situation
Experienced in distant education
1. Creation, follow up and realization of individual educational programs for the kids (American, Italian and Russian educational programs’ integration) in the situation when the kids attend school both in Russia and USA and when travelling worldwide. Working closely connected to the leading private school both in Russia and USA
2. Implementation of Russian educational program (Russian language, Math, Reading , World around us, history) in the frames of new educational standards
3. Provide high educational level for kids
4. Educational consulting and monitoring of nannies’ work when organizing self-preparation process
5. Keeping the Family and responsible persons updated on urgency of educational training aids, books’ renewal and provide their lists in time
6. Classroom space arrangements according to the latest demands of the educational process and innovational educational strategies.
7. Observation of hygienic and sanitary norms and standards, safety demands when arranging educational process
Working schedule – according to the school year schedule

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