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6 months in Nairobi

Hello everyone,

My boyfriend is moving six months to Nairobi for his work, and I will probably go with him. I'm currently doing European Studies in The Netherlands (first year) after I finished a photography study. Now I would really like to do something that will look good on my CV while I'm in Nairobi. I've already looked for internships that have something to do with my study (NGOs, embassy etc.) but it is really difficult to find something if you are still in your first year. Also I looked for volunteer work but on the internet I can only find volunteer work which requires money. What I can understand of course because they mostly pay your food and stay, but for me that won't be necessary. Are there maybe any suggestions what is a good possibility for me? Maybe it can be something in the area of photography, working with children or people, teaching (my native language is Dutch). Of course I'm open for other things as well.

Thanks in advance.


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